For 80 years, known worldwide as a wholesaler of Oriental rugs.      

Bidabadi Carpet Company was founded in 1930 by the late Abbas Bidabadi  in Tehran carpet center(Tehran Grand Bazaar) . In 1968 his son Mohammad Javad Bidabadi  took over company management , And decided on the foreign activity by a foreign representative. Hamburg (Hafen City) was chosen as the base. Since 1988 Alireza Bidabadi  founded BIDABADI GmbH warehouse in hamburg .He isthe third generation in the Oriental rug business .

The history of the company’s activities returns to more than 3 generation. Now after  such a  long time  international experience, there is a huge amount of information about people’s tastes and cultures that help us to know our customers  needs and move to fulfill them.

Bidabadi Company is a large entity aggregation in the field of producing, exporting and servicing Persian Handmade Carpet. Products of this company are made in many places in Iran and include various designs, colors and sizes. Bidabadi company also has activities in the production of Persian Patchwork . The company is one of the famous ones that could answer to customers orders inthe fastest time and cheapest prices. The orders are supplied in any quantity and with customer’s taste and present them in the shortest time.  The  capability  of  this  company  for  presenting  different  and  special services become one of our company’s uppermost points. Our specialist teams have the  ability  to present  the customer every type of services ASAP . These  services  include  extensive  spectrum  of   special  works   Such as Financing and custom's formalities, transporting and shipping, insurance, any kind of repairing and finally consultation about the carpet. These services are available all the time for the customers.  Bidabadi  Company  buy from wholesalers, you have the opportunity in one of the largest carpet-stocks with a unique selection of oriental rugs from all around the world to make a personal choice.

Goods of this company are available in  two Warehouse(Tehran & Hamburg). Today this company has extensive communications with many countries and businessmen around the world. Goods of this company are presented by some big department stores.

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